Too chicken to pick my 2015 races already?


Isn’t it a bit early to be planning our races for next year. I’m right in the middle of recuperating from early fall races and Christmas isn’t even on us yet (well I did see lights up already but that doesn’t necessarily count, does it).

So I’ve started the research but the decisions won’t be easy. I discovered that 2 races I want to do are on the same May weekend this year and both are likely to fill up before February. So I have to choose pretty soon. Bummer.

And there are 4 amazing races in August that are on my list but I can only do one. And they all fill up too. And they are all within a couple hours of home.

The enticing emails from the race directors keep on coming and they are not likely to stop (even after I sign up).

Why does there have to be so many great races? Am I too chicken to sign up for too many, or afraid I will pick the wrong weekends for a perfect training plan?


Blackfoot ultra
Calgary 50km
Lost soul ultra
Moose mountain
Iron legs
Canadian death race
Sinister 7


Author: Kevin

Just a trail runner in Calgary and beyond

One thought on “Too chicken to pick my 2015 races already?”

  1. Ah, decisions, decisions… I have to admit though, I don’t usually put much thought into it – just have to be in the right mood when I hear about a great race and I’ll sign up there and then. Of course, I know I’ll live to regret it later. 😉
    Your considered approach is definitely better. 🙂


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