Beloved City Park Re-Opens

I finally got to run in Bowness Park again. It’s been forever.

Two years is a long time for a park to be closed. Especially when it is an iconic city park and it is almost in your back yard. And especially when the closure of that park cuts short your back yard run. The park had been undergoing major upgrades when the flood of 2013 happened. The park has been totally inaccessible for this whole time, and residents are just now getting access.Those upgrades are mostly done now, but due to the recent snow, we can’t even see what has been upgraded.

However, the east side is still closed. The treed area, paths, playgrounds, and the part next to Stoney Trail Bridge is open.

They promise to open the pond to ice skating next month. Congratulations to City Parks on finally getting the park open again.

Re-opening day article from the Calgary Herald

More about Bowness Park








Far west end of the park




Still some construction going on
Still some construction going on
Bowness Park Run (and Bowmont Park) - 16k
Bowness Park Run (and Bowmont Park) – 16k

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