Maintenance Mode Motivation

The sudden cold snap is helping me move into and keep in maintenance mode for a couple months. Otherwise, I would probably overtrain and get injured. Great time for cross-training or just hanging loose for a while. This blogger has the right idea. Happy trails!

Shoes Recovering after a long summer
Shoes recovering after a long summer

Growing Up Khan

I’ve always struggled with maintenance mode. I do well when I have a race scheduled and a goal to work towards, but it’s unrealistic (among  other things) to keep up intensity and certain training patterns all year. From mid-November until the beginning of April, I tend to be in maintenance mode, as the winters in Ottawa aren’t always runner friendly – especially at 4:30am, which is my designated running time.

I don’t want to risk getting injured and I don’t want my level of fitness to decrease, so I need a plan and some motivation for maintenance mode.

In order to do this, I’ve decided to treat maintenance mode like a race, in the sense that I’m going to develop a schedule and stick to it. The distances and paces will be much different than when I’m training for a race, and there will likely be more rest time than…

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