Twenty signs that you’re becoming a runner…

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My Broken Brain

20. Your first thought in the morning is “how far shall I run today?”

morning run

19. You have forgotten what it feels like not to have pain in your hip flexers and tendonitis in places you didn’t know had tendons


18. You look forward to the Winter so that you can hide your blistered, bruised, disfigured feet away from the world


17. You cringe at the thought of spending £11.50 on a cinema ticket but are more than happy to fork out £100 for a race


16. You are ALWAYS hungry, and decide you are allowed to eat as much as you want, because you just burn it off anyway


15. You’re more likely to ask a stranger on the train if they run, to start a conversation, than what the time is


14. You own more sports bras than actual bras, and have been known to go for days without…

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Good Thing It’s Not Dark! #seenonmyrun

Who knew there were such sketchy spots along Calgary parks pathway system?

Tunnel along Calgary trails
I’m supposed to run through there? Good thing it’s not dark yet.
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